Children’s Dentistry

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Family Dentist

We believe it is vitally important to establish good oral care habits from the earliest age possible and to be fully relaxed at the dentist. This ensures a positive experience, leading to good oral health throughout life.

Child patients are cared for within the NHS, and regular appointments are essential to identify any problems from an early age.

It may be necessary for more frequent visits in some cases, for example during orthodontic treatment or if a high rate of decay is detected.


To help maintain a healthy mouth and smile, we recommend dental visits for children as soon as the first teeth erupt. The primary ‘baby’ teeth are particularly susceptible to decay, so our dentists place as much emphasis on diet as they do on oral hygiene

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Children’s Treatments

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Oral hygiene & dietary instruction

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Fissure sealants

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Orthodontic assessments

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Preventative & minimally invasive

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Sports guards

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Fluoride applications

“My son has been scared of dentists for many years, after coming to Dental Beauty Greenhithe, he now enjoys visiting the team.”

Mrs K. W.

Book a consultation now to see how our children’s dentistry can protect your child’s your gums.

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