Composite Bonding

A Composite Bonding Case

Composite Bonding

This is case is really exciting because it is one where traditionally we would have either used orthodontics (braces to move the teeth), which would have taken a considerable amount of time probably a minimum of 1 yr, or we would have used crowns/veneers, which would have involved a considerable amount of cutting back of the natural, healthy teeth. Instead we decided to do composite bonding.

Composite bonding is using a white filling materials (composites) to change the size, shape or colour of teeth. Natural teeth aren’t all one flat colour, they have a variation of different shades, tints, colours and translucency throughout an individual tooth, this is what makes them look natural!! We carefully select a variation of different colour composites and blend them together to recreate the tooth’s natural colour and translucencies, this is one of the ways we get such natural looking results.

This amazing transformation was undertaken in one visit and was a really great case that all our team were excited about being a part of.

A lovely result for our patient, and a great experience for all our team.


Case 2 (composite veeners) – image missing to get from laptop

As you can see from the before and after photos here, this patient had previously had some white fillings done on the front teeth, bit by bit over the years. Some wear and tear along with a staining and some tooth wear had given these anterior teeth an appearance that our patient wasn’t satisfied with and wanted to improve, without having to cut back lots of natural healthy teeth. So we decided to simply replace these old composites and replace them with composite veneers (LINK), this is exactly the same as composite bonding except that the composite covers the whole surface of the tooth, just as in a porcelain veneer. We also did some teeth whitening here as well just to lift the shade and give an extra something to the final smile.

A massive change that we all are very proud of J



As a long standing family dental practice in southgate..a very residential area in London, we have always known the importance offering emergency dental care for our patients. We have emergency dental appointments available daily. We have created these spaces so that we see patients in pain, with severe tooth ache or swelling on the same day wherever possible. Even when our clinics are full we will always try to make time to see emergency patients as we all understand just how frustrating and uncomfortable tooth ache can be.

If you would like an emergency appointment please call us on 0844 375 6100

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