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Dental Check Ups in Greenhithe, Dartford

An oral health assessment is the first step in your journey to excellent dental health.


At Dental Beauty we start by discussing and understanding your dental corners and problems. We then carry out a full assessment of the mouth which includes checking your gums for gum disease and the condition of your teeth. At every oral health assessment we also make sure to check all the soft tissues for early signs of mouth cancer.


With all this information we can provide a tailored treatment and hygiene plan to ensure you can achieve the best oral health possible.

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Dental Check Ups FAQs

How long does a dental checkup take?

The duration of the check up depends on the patient and their oral health. A full oral health screening can take up to 60 minutes to complete.

How often do I need oral health screening?

While we recommend our patients have a dental check up at least every 6 months, some may need to come more frequently depending on their oral health. Our dentist will advise you on how often you should attend.

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